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RUBIS Tweezers Set Case

RUBIS tweezers set case has been designed to offer our customers a safe place to store their tweezers. With a perfect combination of hard cover and adaptive foam on the inside the tweezers will always be safe and protected.
RUBIS Tweezers Set Case

RUBIS tweezers set case will not only keep your workbench lean and organized but will also prevent the tweezers from being damaged by accidentally dropping them and protects them from external agents like dirt, acids, solvents, oil, and other substances that can compromise their usage. With its compact design (dimensions L185xW140xH20mm) and featherweight (100g empty), it is the perfect way to move your tweezers safely.


RUBIS Tweezers Set Case comes with a pre-made set (art. 1K531), specifically sorted among our best movers in every industry market segment (electronics, medical device manufacturing, lifesciences, biology, watchmaking and jewelry) including 00-SA, 2A-SA, 3C-SA, 5-SA, 7-SA. It can also be purchased empty to store your favourite tweezers in (art. 1K530).