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SA: Austenitic, acid proof, stainless steel, antimagnetic. resistant against hydrogen fluoride and nitric acid. 

AXAL™: cobalt-chromium-Molybdenum alloy. The combination of various extraordinary characteristics make the rubis Axal™ tweezers a valuable and special tool: very high Vickers hardness, 100% antimagnetic, 100% rust proof and 100% acid resistant. Good fatigue and tensile strength guarantee durability and make them practically wear proof providing a considerably longer service life. Axal™ tweezers offer a range of physical, chemical and technological properties that make them appropriate for a wide variety of applications. Exceptional good tolerance on human tissues. Perfect tweezers for surgical appliances and laboratories.

DURAX™: with a 616hV Vickers-hardness, the Rubis Durax ™ tweezers are six times harder than standard steel tweezers. Even with intensive use, Rubis Durax ™ tweezers retain their original precision. The advanced material properties guarantee higher resistance against normal wear and tear, providing a considerably longer service life. Durax™ is not 100% antimagnetic nor 100% rustproof.

TNF: titan IMI 125. high temperature stability up to 885°c. Without capillarity at soldering. 100% antimagnetic. Stainless 100% acid proof.


D: Delrin. Soft material, medical use, non scratching, acid resistant. Temperature resistant up to 115°c.

E: epoxy resin, resistant up to 155°c. 1012 Ω x cm, good electrical insulation. 

PBT: Polybutylen-Terephthalat, enforced by 20% fiberglass, resistance to chemicals, highly isolating and resistant up to 210°c short exposure, non burning. 

PEEK: With 30% fiberglass. Antistatic, ESD safe 105 Ω x cm. Temperature resistant up to 250°c. 

VESTAMID: Vestamid with 25% fiberglass. ESD safe , DIN 53482 103 Ω x cm, conductive. Temperature resistant up to 175°c.


GRIP: Epoxy coating with good electrical and heat insulation effect. Heat resistance up to 140°c. non slip grip. Their special soft coating provides a non-slip grip and improves the handling of the tweezer. The soft coating prevents hand fatigue, and protects the hand from heat and cold. Helping people work better, more comfortably and more safely.

TF: teflon coating anti scratch, non sticking. 

NANO: Lotus effect. Nanometric coating composed of polysilicates and ceramic oxides closes even the tiniest of pores on the surface of the tweezers. Ultra-modern nanotechnology closes even the tiniest of pores on the surface of the tweezers, which is made from extremely high grade surgical stainless steel. Dirt, oil, water and other liquids simply pearl off. Through the Lotus effect, the tweezers are easy to keep perfectly clean - particularly important in sensitive laboratory and production settings.

ION™: Anti-microbial coating with B-soft polyurethane resins releases silver ions neutralizing bacteria and germs. This innovation has resulted in a special coating surface on the tweezers which releases silver ions. These ions act as an antibacterial agent which helps the user from contamination of any pathogens. Unlike other methods, the use of ION™ technology does not give rise to any resistance. Consequently, it represents a riskfree method of guaranteeing hygiene at workstations where instruments are used by several different people.

* All tweezers are available in various coating.