RUBIS Tweezers Set Case: The safer place to store your tweezers

RUBIS tweezers set case has been designed to offer our customers a safe place to store their tweezers. With a perfect combination of hard cover and adaptive foam on the inside the tweezers will always be safe and protected.
RUBIS Tweezers Set Case: The safer place to store your tweezers

Multipurpose tool

When using tweezers:

  • To keep your workbench lean and organized,
  • To prevent the tweezers from being damaged by accidentally dropping them,
  • To  protects them from external agents like dirt, acids, solvents, oil, and other substances that can compromise their usage,

When introducing and selling new tweezers models:

  • To help your sales staff to present the products while visiting clients,
  • To send samples to your potential customers in an efficient and practical way

Compact and light design: L185xW140xH20mm-100 g empty
Article number (empty case): 1K530

Pre-made set or (NEWS) also customized set

RUBIS Tweezers Set Case comes with the pre-made set 1K531, specifically sorted among our best movers in every industry market segment (electronics, medical device manufacturing, lifesciences, biology, watchmaking and jewelry) including 00-SA, 2A-SA, 3C-SA, 5-SA and 7-SA.
But we are also ready to assemble customized sets, you just need to indicate which tweezers you prefer in the case. 

Article number: 1K531

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