Rubis cosmetic implements: the perfect Christmas gift

DID YOU KNOW THAT...Rubis is producing high end cosmetic implements as well? Eyebrow tweezers, nail scissors, nail clippers and manicure sets are part of our award winning products. And you may offer them as a Christmas gift for your best clients, your employees, etc
Rubis cosmetic implements: the perfect Christmas gift

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There is no minimum order quantity but to receive goods at the beginning of December, orders should be placed by the end of October.
Rubis gift cases are available on demand.

Genuine leather sleeve with Classic Tweezers
The set 1K4102 is composed by a green leather sleeve and our Classic Tweezers and the set 1K4103T  by a taupe leather sleeve and our Classic gold coated Tweezers.
The slanted tweezers easily grip even the finest hairs and the perfect ergonomics allows a superb handling. They are made of high quality, stainless surgical steel, which guarantees high flexibility for many years. Furthermore, this material can be easily disinfected, sterilised or placed in the autoclave
Red combi set
The set 1K413R is composed by a red genuine leather case, a Classic Tweezers and a Classic Scissors. 
Rubis Tweezers remove unwanted hairs at the first go.
Rubis Scissors are made of hardened stainless steel to ensure a good polish and precise, clean cut.
Red zipper case
The set 14K11 is supplied in an elegant case made of genuine red leather. It contains everything you need for your personal care: the mini 3L100 nail clippers  and  the classic 1F000 nail scissors both made of hardened steel for a sharp and precise cut, the 1K700G glass file made of glass beads with micro glass particles for a delicate but precise care of finger and toe nails, the classic 1K102 tweezers with slanted tip for hair and eyebrow removal, and the 1L902 Push & Clean to clean the nails and push the cuticles.
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