Tweezers 7 Grip

7 Grip

The 7 tweezers are made in SA: an antimagnetic surgical steel that is resistant to acids and chemicals. This material guarantees a precise grip with the tips. The special soft grip finish ensures a firm grip in use and improves the grip’s sensitivity, as well as a protective effect from heat and cold. The coating reduces resistance, thereby making it possible to reduce fatigue caused by prolonged use.

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. The tips are extremely thin and curved at a 40° angle, making them ideal for assembling electronic components, watchmaking, work in research laboratories or other tasks that require a delicate touch.

These tweezers are made of antimagnetic surgical steel and are resistant to acids and chemicals. This material guarantees good hardness in the tips, which are precise.

We manufacture all our tweezers in Switzerland, respecting the highest quality standards. The quality of our products is the result of applying a combination of stat of the art technology and superior traditional workmanship. Modern know-how, flexibility, years of experience, prime quality raw materials, excellent engineering, design and exclusive styling contribute to Rubis tweezers beeing in a class by itself.