Swiss made Tweezers for precision work

More than sixty years ago, the first precision tweezers were developed to place ruby stones into watch movements - which is where the name Rubis came from.Today, the Rubis Tweezers are known all over the world for their high quality, durability and detailed engineering.
The stength of nature calls for daring engineering

New needs, new horizons

Swiss manufacturer for high precision & quality tools

  • Passion for quality
  • Strong believe in Swiss precision manufacturing and traditional handwork
  • Reliability of product
  • Anticipates new needs
  • Innovation with new materials, technologies and designs

A lifetime tweezer to pass onto the next generation


Evolution is what our development engineers call it when they harmonise ultra-modern technology and traditional Swiss precision engineering in their ground-breaking precision and ultra-precision instruments.Substantial added value, clear customer benefits and a reliably uncompromised level of product quality for each single pair of tweezers are the targets of our R&D.


All of our products are made by hand from the best steel, consistent with all the rules of traditional Swiss craftsmanship.

And during all processes, our products are repeatedly tested and controlled, so that no product leaves our manufacturing facilities that does not meet very highest standards. Our passion for quality reflects our quest to preserve Swiss craftsmanship and to combine this with state-of-the-art technology.

Made of steel

Fides Baldesberger

Owner & CEO

Tweezers are a simple tool - yet demanding in their specifications. They require continuous engineering and development to keep pace with the applications for the newest and ever changing technology. Our first concern is with users of the Rubis tweezers – who often spend long hours with these tools – they soon become an important part of their work day. That’s why the Bauhaus philosophy of industrial design is so important to us. It incorporates the technical, functional and practical, as well as the aesthetics – uniting all these qualities into one harmonious whole – transmitting a unique spirit to the Rubis tweezers: It is time to focus on the essential.

Here's where we work

For over 60 years Rubis has been producing precision tweezers. At the beginning, tweezers were manufactured exclusively for the Swiss watch industry. For assembling the delicate mechanical clockworks of famous watches like Patek Philippe, Cartier, Rolex. Later as well to the rapidly growing industries with demanding applications such as electronics, microelectronics, robotics, telecommunications, space technology, R&D, biogenetics, laboratories, surgery, microscopy, biology, microbiology, chemistry and medicine.